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It is silent in Juan Muñoz (1953 – 2001) installations and yet sounds, music and conversations are important elements of his work. Although Muñoz was one of the first sculptors of his generation to return to figuration in the mid-1980s, the ideas of artistic and musical minimalism and concept art echo in his works. A registered patent (2001) is his last radio play.

An exceptional stage performer and director, John Malkovich was the founder of the Chicago` s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, very relevant at the moment in the North American theatrical scenery and first won attention with his performance in the Sam Shepard play Curse of the starving class (1978).
After a few roles in television movies, John Malkovich made his big screen debut in 1984`s Places in the heart, and then in The killing fields. He earned an Oscar nomination for the former. After such an auspicious start, the actor kept barrelling along, appearing in an impressive number of films over the next few years.
Beside his long career as a theatrical director it is important to stress his experience as a film director with the The dancer upstairs that will be released this year 2002.

Alberto Iglesias, born 1955 in San Sebastian, Spain, is one of the most prestigious Spanish composers, with a solid musical training, comprising piano, composition, counterpoint and electronic music studies and a wide experience in the composition of sound tracks for movies, ballets and concert music.


A Registered Patent

AutorJuan Munoz, Alberto Iglesias
SprecherJohn Malkowich
Verlagder hörverlag
Veröffentlichung 2002
ISBN9783899400311  (früher 3899400313)
Preis CD
14,95 € (unverbindliche Preisempfehlung)
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Dauer21 min

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